Tech Masters/Medics

Intro (Skip)Putrid ShaclawLR-5Bonus Boss (Skip)Sav-RakTech Masters/Medics – Dr. Lorrick

These bastards are actually quite annoying if you don’t know how to fight them.
The techmasters put a shield on one of the rakghouls, making them invulnerable; and some groups include a healer or two.

The basic priority list for CC’s are: Healers (Medics) -> Techmasters -> mobs

If there is no healer in the group of mobs, then just CC the techmaster(s), kill the un-shielded rakghouls, then come back to the techmasters one by one (then back to any priorly shielded rakghouls).

If there is a healer in the group of mobs, CC the priority is to CC those; as they can almost live forever thanks to their quick, powerful self healing abilities

* Note: Interrupt the healers abilities at all costs; their heals can only be interrupted in the first 50%~ of their health; afterwords they become immune to interrupts (but not knock-backs or CC’s)




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