Intro (Skip)Putrid ShaclawLR-5Bonus Boss (Skip)Sav-RakTech Masters/Medics – Dr. Lorrick

I love this guy
This is a great boss fight, I think it’s the perfect balance of being fun and difficult
Compared to LR-5, this guy is a walk in the park (which is nice after the nightmare that is LR-5

Sav-Rak’s only has 1 real ability, and 2 fight mechanics:

Smash, and pipe jumping.

Every so often, Sav-Rak will use an ability called Smash.
(You’ll also get a nice message on screen ‘Project Sav-Rak prepares to ‘Sav Rak’ smash!’)

When he casts this, everyone has to pile on top of him.
After its 4.5 second cast, he will smash the ground, and emit a massive AOE knock-back.

If you are literally inside of Sav-Rak’s model, you will fly up in the air, then back down, and clamber up again*
If you are outside of his model, even by a meter – you will (probably) be knocked off of the platform and die.
*(I’ve noticed I can use unbreakable will in mid-air, and instantly resume attacking – rather than wait to fall to the ground and get back up)
n.b. Unbreakable will is my ‘freeing’ ability / frees me from incapacitating and movement-impairing effects.

The other ability to look out for, is when Sav-Rak jumps onto the pipes.

When he does this, the tank and DPS need to each hit a switch, located on the top left, and bottom left/right of the mini map:
During this phase, the healer needs to stand in the middle and heal people up (Sav-Rak spits poison that does a bit of damage)

Columi Legs, and a chance at the Midnight Rakghoul pet




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