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This guy is a pain…
A real pain… But if everyone is super coordinated; he can be beaten


THE most important thing, bar-none, is to INTERRUPT INCINERATE
I can’t stress it enough… If incinerate is fully cast, it’s game over
Interrupting should be the tanks job, but realistically – everyone should keep an eye out for it, and if they see it; interrupt (focus target helps here, a LOT)

The second point, and what makes this boss a nightmare, is movement/coordination;
Energy coil is a massive AOE (un-interruptable) that takes over 1/8th the entire room, and it hurts.
Everyone needs to move super-effectively around the room in order to avoid it (more on that later)

Most groups fail where they can’t combine interrupting incinerate with moving around the room to avoid energy coil’s AOE.

LR-5 Abilities:

– It is a ~3 second, chanelled ability… What this means, is that every second it casts, it does damage to the tank (a LOT of damage)
It can be difficult for the tank to interrupt if he/she is attempting to kite the boss (and is therefore out of range to interrupt). This is the reason EVERYONE should interrupt if they’re able.
– It also chains, meaning if anyone is around the tank, they’ll get hit too
– It causes a de-buff, which i believe can be purged, so it isn’t game over if the healer has their wits about them
– It is usually cast after plasma arc; so when you see it pop, get ready to interrupt
– Like the above point, an easy way to time it: My interrupt (Jolt – Inquisitor) always fully re-sets before it is cast again, so if you keep an eye on your interrupt, you can guess-timate incinerate

Energy Coil:
– It is an un-avoidable AOE
– The AOE grows over time
– They last for a long time
– If you’re hit by it, you are slowed and take damage
I think only 6 can be ‘active’ at a time
– It is a pain in the backside
It doesn’t drop on the tank (I have seen it glitch however; or if 1 of the 4 members dies, it can drop on the tank)
– I’ve heard it drops on whoever holds the 2nd most threat – It’s safer to assume that it’ll randomly target a DPS or the healer though.
– There is a ‘warning’ AOE, that is white. It will be cast and follow a random player, and then after a few seconds, will turn blue (this is when it is actually cast)
This means that whoever the white AOE is targeted on, has a few seconds to ‘move away’ from the group (for more advanced players who have the other elements of the fight down, this means the group mightn’t even need to move)

Experimental Canon:
– Compared to everything else, this is a relief
– It’s a long, channeled damage ability
– It can be easily healed through
– While it’s active, nothing else will cast
– This is basically the time when the healer needs to heal
– LR-5 will not move during this cast

Just to make this boss slightly more difficult, ads spawn periodically through the fight.
As you’ll see below, I suggest moving counter-clockwise
This is so when the ads spawn (the first wave spawn on the left side) they have to pass by the tank in order to reach the ranged group
The ads themselves are fairly weak, and go down in a few hits; they are only a major problem if they attack the healer


There are a number of ways to maneuver around, and away from Energy Coil

It’s important to grasp that, while the room is a rectangle with 4 sides; the
group has to split each of those sides in two… Making a total of 8 ‘sections’:

No matter what kind of strategy you decide to use, the easiest and most effective ones make use of those 8 sections

Strategy 1:

Important points with this strategy!
– The tank has to be aware of where the ranged group is; if the tank isn’t positioned properly, the healer will be out of range, and the DPS won’t be able to reach LR-5
– The ranged group, when on the left and right, must make sure they are far from the middle (see error 1)
   (If they’re not, the tank/melee DPS will be hit by the energy coil)
– The ranged group must stick together like in the example
   (If someone is too far away, things can get tricky, and the group could be forced to skip a side; see error 2)

Error 1: Error 2:

Q: But Char! We have mDPS in our group!?
A: Fear not, with this strategy, the mDPS sticks to the tank
If energy coil is cast on the mDPS (and tank) there is enough distance between their corners of the middle, that they can move around them and not get hit by energy coil
This is where the strategy isn’t optimum; as there is more movement involved for the tank, and much more co-ordination required for the entire group

However, in saying that. it is still a valid and viable strategy (and was the one used when I completed this FP for the first time)

Strategy 2:

This strategy involves the tank kiting (moving) the boss around the entire room (following the same ‘8 segments’ patern outlined above)
The tank has to ensure that he’s moving enough to avoid the barrage of Energy Coils, and with enough distance, so that the next one won’t hit him/her.

Many people prefer this strat (it’s arguably easier for mDPS too; especially if you have 2)
There are no real drawback to this strategy, and it does work very effectively

The reason I don’t prefer it; is the tank has to move twice as much

In the 1st strategy, it’s much easier for the tank to hold aggro AND interrupt incinerate, however with the 2nd,  if the tank loses aggro, and energy coil is cast – everyone will
have to move ‘through’ energy coil (and potentially to a whole new section)

Considering the effectiveness of the inital strat; and the unlikeliness you’ll be forced to have 2 mDPS in a group, I’d suggest sticking to the above strategy


LR-5 drops Columi boots, and some other stuff I can’t remember (I think a daily token and some more tionese crystals)




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