Lost Island (HM) Intro

Intro (Skip)Putrid ShaclawLR-5Bonus Boss (Skip)Sav-RakTech Masters/Medics – Dr. Lorrick

I’ve been asked a few times how I run LI HM; as LR-5 is an incredibly difficult fight f you don’t know what to do
So – I’ve decided to write a guide for anyone attempting LI HM

Q: What gear do I need?
A: There are video’s on YouTube of groups completing this FP in tionese, so it’s safe to say this FP tests your ability more-so than what level gear you have….
In saying that, I’d suggest being 50-70% columi + a few augments, depending on how ‘good’ you are

If you’re not in columi, make sure you know exactly what to do for each boss fight, or you’ll more than likely wipe




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