Doctor Lorrick

Intro (Skip)Putrid ShaclawLR-5Bonus Boss (Skip)Sav-RakTech Masters/Medics – Dr. Lorrick

Doctor Lorrick Is a very challenging boss if you don’t know the fight.
There are numerous elements to this fight, and many different ways to approach it. Compared to LR-5, this guy isn’t too complicated; but he is still quite tough.

There are two main stages to this boss; and both involve dishing out lots of DPS (Personally, I see LR-5 as a tougher fight for healers; and this one for DPS).

In the first stage; Lorrick injects himself with the Rakghoul virus, and in the second, he becomes a Rakghoul.

Kolto Tanks:
There are numerous Kolto Tanks around the fight area
Every so often (roughly 30 seconds) Lorrick will ‘power up a kolto tank’
This basically means Lorrick vanishes for around 10 seconds and the Kolto Tank ‘becomes’ a mob.
During this 10 seconds, everyone should DPS the Kolto tank (this is a good time for the healer to heal too) to avoid having the mob inside spawn.

Whatever damage is done to the Kolto tank during the 10 seconds, is transferred to the mob inside (if the tank is on 30% after 10 seconds; the resulting mob will have 30% HP)

This is the pattern Lorrick goes in (every time):

The mobs that spawn aren’t much of a worry; but should still be DPS’ed down ASAP (if you didn’t kill them while in the tank, they should only take a few seconds to finish off once outside)

The tank doesn’t have to kite Lorrick to the tanks, but it is best done to avoid confusion.

This AOE causes a de-buff that stacks. Each stack does more damage; so you have to avoid getting hit as much as possible.

I’ve noticed (with my average 100ms ping) that it’s nearly impossible to react to the ‘warning’ AOE:

So, what I do, is count to 5, and once whatever I’m casting has finished I keep moving for a few seconds until the actual AOE has been cast (basically, I anticipate it):

I can’t imagine that this will work for everyone (compared to most sorcs, my casts are actually quite short and/or instant)
But this is a very simple way to avoid this AOE.

Pointers about this AOE:
– It is cast on every player, and a few random locations
– It is cast every 6-7 seconds (normally)
– It causes a de-buff, that stacks, and deals damage over time [dot] i.e. each stack will deal more dot
– If you walk into the resulting green goo (seen above) it will still cause the debuff (once the AOE has been cast, that area is ‘infected’ and you should stay out of it)
– It will vanish after a while
– The debuff can be purged/cleansed

‘Fanned’ Attack:
This is more a concern for the tank/melee DPS
Lorrick will say “I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve” and ‘fan’ pellets at the tank.

The tank should spin or strafe around Lorrick at this point, to avoid them.
If the tank is hit (or anyone else) they will be get a debuff which does a lot of damage. (Therefore the DPS/Healers should be as far away as possible, to avoid it)

vdbswong‘ tells me that the tank can ‘line of sight’ (LoS) Lorrick. This involves blocking Lorrick’s ‘vision’ of his target.
This is best done around a Kolto tank; and by doing this, makes it much easier for the mDPS to attack Lorrick while he is targeting/chasing the tank, attempting to gain LoS.

2nd/DPS Phase:
You’ll reach this phase when Lorrick hits 10% HP.
Once he hits 10%, he will mutate into a rakghoul, become fully immune (during the transformation) and fully regain his health.

During Lorricks ‘mutatation’ everyone should run back to the door they entered.
haliy‘ has informed me that Lorrick can sometimes reset if the tank is too far away.
I have never recieved this bug; but on the chance he does reset; make sure whichever wall you run to is close by (if you’re closer to another wall/door – run there.)
(The idea is that when he knocks you back, your back is against the wall, so you wont go anywhere.)

The rest of this fight basically becomes a DPS fest, where you have to kill Lorrick before he kills you.

Beyond moving to the door, there isn’t any real strategy involved – just dish out as much damage as you can
The reason you move to the door, is because in this phase, Lorrick does a massive knockback; so moving to the door means you wont actually be ‘knocked away’.

Lorrick drops some great goodies; including:
A Rakata chest piece, Columi mainhand; and also has a chance to drop a ‘mysterious egg’ (Orosquab), midnight rakling (miniture black rakghoul) and a Lhosan speeder!

And that’s the guide!
Hope it’s helped some of you =]

Good luck!




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